Monywa Copper Belt (Monywa, Myanmar)

The Monywa mine in Myanmar holds millions of tonnes of contained copper. It has a prospective strike length of at least 900 kilometers. The primary minerals are chalcocite and covellite.

The LWIR signature for chalcocite identifies mineralized zones at the mine. Over 55’000 square kilometers were surveyed in under two weeks. It covered a prospective magmatic arc north and south from Monywa mine. It yielded several clusters of high chalcocite response, but upon investigation, two areas at right found in development by local companies.

City of Gold Quartz Vein (Myanmar)

The City of Gold project staked based on observed local gold workings. The application area extended to 465 square kilometers to cover workings observed in less-accessible areas to the north. Mapping of local mines showed gold associated with quartz veins and quartz-flooded shear zones.

The first step then is to image the quartz in the area of known mining. The LWIR imaging of the quartz showed vein trends correlating with local gold mines.

Then the next step is to image quartz along the entire license. The area of local mining in the south hardly registers in relative scale compared to quartz anomalies in the north. Best target areas on license revealed by very strong quartz anomalies to the northeast. The targets correspond with local gold workings observed in the northern area. The results narrow the focus for initial sampling and drilling programs to about 100 square kilometers (21.5% of original license).